“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”
Robert Frost

in beautiful, unique locales—remote castles in Scotland, historic chateaus in France, private oases in Mexico—with our band of Wandering Women.

 Our retreats are composed of small, intimate groups of 8 to 12 women who are art lovers, earth mamas and explorers of all kinds. Retreats will take you to inspiring international destinations and boutique accommodations will have you living like a local. 

Dive into another culture through its art with creative workshops led by local female artisans.Bond over communal meals with like minded women and reconnect with the natural world on one of our “off the beaten path” nature walks. 

Loosen up, get creative and above all have fun!

Lifting up Female Creatives

When we set out to create    we thought about all the wonderful female artisans around the world. What’s going on in their studios, what inspires them and how can we be inspired in return? We’re all about forming a global sisterhood and giving women artists the exposure they deserve!

That’s why each of our retreats highlight a different woman artist in the regions we travel with visits to her workspace, talks about her journey and creative process. From floral foragers to textile designers to mixed media painters we strive to spotlight a diverse group of female artisans.

Whether you’re an existing artist hoping to gather ideas, a budding creative looking for direction or an intrepid traveler finding herself through another culture, Wandering Women Retreats will help you reconnect with your creative side!

Why travel with us? It’s time for you time!

are filled with day trips, creative workshops and cooking classes to help nurture your creative side.

off the beaten path locales so you don’t have to, no more combing through trip advisor reviews and the stress of planning out all the details!

  that means supporting local small businesses, artisans and traveling in a sustainable way!

Meet Your Host!

Cassie Berube is a mixed-media artist and printmaker who is deeply inspired by nature. Raised in the mountains of Montana her artwork reflects the botanical beauty she seeks out on a daily basis—and incorporates directly into her whimsical, colorful paintings, photography and jewelry.

A veteran of the hospitality and tourism industries, Cassie brings more than a decade of experience traveling the globe and a deep desire to share her appreciation of art, female creatives and the great outdoors with her fellow wandering women.

Come Wander with us!

A taste of one of our adventures!

Upcoming Retreats!

May 30th – June 6th, 2021

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